A Day In Animal Crossing: New Leaf


I'm an avid Animal Crossing player, and will be posting pictures and text of my daily adventures in the Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (You may be here by mistake, my blog will start June 9th 2013).


Midnight June 9th, 3 years…


Link: Turning Over a New Leaf: i hope i dont get a lot angry people after this but:i really cant...


i hope i dont get a lot angry people after this but:
i really cant stand it when some people are saying “ugh omgg i wont get it until like tuesday or wednesday thats so unfair!!1!!!1”
you can just sit the fuck down and wait because if you want it that bad just download it. europeans and…

Have you ever thought that maybe just because you’re not happy, doesn’t mean other can’t be? I’d be sad if I couldn’t get the game, because it got tied up in the mail, even though I’m still getting the game before Europe. Also, there is an independent shop in Oslo that is selling the game, so don’t act like it’s impossible to get in Europe

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Ask Away!

Hey man. It's 8 AM now and T&T shop opened, but it does not look like I can rebuy the DLC, sorry. Tom Nook sells only house stuff btw.



To say thank you to all my followers, I will be giving away one Animal Crossing New Leaf guide. I will buy it and send it to one lucky winner, once it comes out. 


  • You must be following me. This giveaway is for my followers. 
  • Likes and reblogs count. Please only reblog once. 
  • Must be willing to give me your mailing address
  • I can only ship within the United States (sorry but shipping costs too much)  I will now ship world wide! 
  • Winner must have ask box open and respond within 48 hours 
  • Giveaway ends on June 6, winner will be chosen on June 7 

Good luck everyone! 

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a animal crossing boy or girl should be playable in the next smash bros. game tbh

They could fight by throwing bell bags that explode and coins come out as residual damage. 

And they could use all of the tools as a weapon in some way.

Since Smash Bros games take forever, perhaps Animal Crossing for the Wii U will already be out, it could import your character, or maybe you send it over with the 3DS version?

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